Special Recognition Award

Special Recognition Awards may be given by the GA Board to a person who has given positive service to GA in a nominated area. A nominee should have undertaken a project and/or a major task on behalf of GA which has resulted in a positive contribution to the sport.

Award of Merit

An Award of Merit is presented by the Gymnastics Australia Board to any person who has demonstrated positive and meritorious service to Gymnastics Australia at national level for not fewer than five years.

Athlete Award of Distinction

Athlete Award of Distinction pins are awarded to athletes who attend the Olympic Games or Senior World Championships and / or the Commonwealth Games

Athlete Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour recognises outstanding performance by Australian athletes and takes into account their performance at the Olympic Games, World Championships, Commonwealth Games and other major international events.

Life Members

Life Membership of Gymnastics Australia recognises community members who have provided Gymnastics Australia with distinguished and meritorious service for not fewer than 12 consecutive years or 15 years of broken service of no more than two breaks, at a national level. Service to Gymnastics Australia may be as an athlete, coach, official or administrator.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame Award has been established to enable GA to recognise any athlete or coach who is determined to have achieved “legend” status in the sport of gymnastics. Hall of Fame Award is not a recognition of service or longevity.