We all have a right to feel safe, cared for and happy at Gymnastics!

Safeguarding Statement for Children

When I’m at gymnastics I should:

  • feel comfortable
  • be cared for and
  • feel safe and be safe.

Everyone who works in Gymnastics does their best to make sure children are protected from harm.

It is not okay for anyone to hurt your feelings or your body.

It is okay for you to say no to an adult if they ask you to do something that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

If you ever feel unsafe or upset we will listen to you and act to help you. 

Anything that makes you feel unsafe, upset or uncomfortable will be taken seriously.

It is always okay to tell someone if you are not feeling comfortable or safe or if you have been hurt.

If you are unhappy with the way you are being treated please tell an adult in your club or a parent.

When I'm at Gymnastics it's my job to:

  • Tell a staff person or parent if I feel unsafe, upset or uncomfortable;
  • Treat other children and adults with respect;
  • Follow the rules of the activity, event or program;
  • Listen to others and be kind;
  • Ask staff if I need to leave the activity;
  • Have fun!

Did you know adults have rules too?

The adults at your club have rules too. It’s their job to:

  • Do their best to make sure that you are safe from harm;
  • Wear a uniform and/or a name badge so you know who they are;
  • Supervise you while you are at gymnastics 
  • Not be alone with you where they cannot be seen by other staff;
  • Ask your parents/guardian permission in writing before they:
    • Take you on an excursion;
    • Arrange overnight stays or camps; and/or
    • Provide transport to you.
  • Ask you and your parents/guardians if its ok to take pictures of you;
  • Not babysit you, visit you at your home or give you gifts;
  • Not call, text or email you or make contact with you on social media;
  • Give you guidance that is fair, respectful and appropriate to your age and background; and
  • Help you and other children if you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or upset.  

Safeguarding Statement for Young People

The rights of young people at Gymnastics
We at Gymnastics Australia believe that young people who participate in our activities, events and programs should:

  • Feel comfortable;
  • Be cared for;
  • Be safe and feel safe;
  • Have the right to contact your parents or others if you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or distressed at any time during an activity, event or program;
  • Activities, events or programs that we provide for you are suitable for your age and development, and taken by appropriately qualified staff;
  • Give you access to safe places, safe spaces and act to help you;
  • NOT be subject to disciplinary action involving physical punishment, or any form of treatment that could reasonably be considered degrading, cruel, frightening or humiliating;
  • Receive positive suggestions and feedback on an activity, event or program in which you have participated;
  • Always be listened to, and believe that what you feel is real.
  • Be supportive to help you make good choices; and
  • Be provided with clear directions and given an opportunity to redirect your behaviour in a positive manner if staff believe that you have broken program rules and/or misbehaved.

We all have a right to feel safe. If something doesn’t feel right tell a trusted adult.