Technical Information

Technical Regulations

Visit the By-laws, Policies and Technical Regulations page to download a copy of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Regulations.

2017-2020 Stages Program

The commission has developed a stages program for very young athletes who are looking to pursue the High Performance pathway for rhythmic gymnastics. The program consists of two stages: - Stage 1 for 6 – 7 year olds - Stage 2 for 8 – 9 year olds.

The stages program is a guide for coaches to ensure a healthy and progressive pathway and is designed to develop core skills with key techniques fundamental to successful performance.  

Member Associations are welcome to introduce these stages and are free to provide their own guidelines to meet their needs. The recommendation is for a full floor and optional music and the judging principles for difficulty have been slightly modified, however execution follows the principles as set down in the FIG Code of Points.

For further information please contact General Member - Coaching Development - Krasi Yurukova   [email protected]   

2017-2020 Stages Program
(Adobe PDF File)

2017 RG International Event Calendars

Any athlete(s), group(s) and/or club(s) wishing to take part in an international activity, must first complete and submit both a tour plan and a tour endorsement form.

Independent Performance Plan Template
(Microsoft Word Document)
Tour Planning Template
(Adobe PDF File)
Tour Endorsement Form
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