What are the Gymsports?

Gymnastics in Australia is divided into eight Gymsports, each with their own gymnastics movement style and governing rules. There is a Gymsport for everyone, with a range of pathways and programs which develop incredible skills for fitness, performance, competition or to just to challenge yourself.

Use the links on the side of this page to find out more about each GymSport:

  • Gymnastics for All: fun and fitness for all ages and abilities, with a broad range of skills
  • Men's Artistic Gymnastics: daring skills of strength and power for men and boys on six apparatus
  • Women's Artistic Gymnastics: expressive and powerful skills for women and girls on four apparatus
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics: stylish control and flexibility while skilfully manipulating hand-held apparatus
  • Trampoline Gymnastics: aerial awareness at its peak for high-flying men, women, boys and girls
  • Aerobic Gymnastics: fast and dynamic, individual or groups showing strength, agility and flexibility
  • Acrobatic Gymnastics: balances, throws and teamwork combined into spectacular routines
  • Cheerleading: dynamic, athletic and energetic routines

Each Gymsport is managed by a Technical Commission who work with Gymnastics Australia to support and develop their Gymsport and the athletes and officials within their community. This includes hosting the Australian Gymnastics Championships for each Gymsport.