What is Acrobatic Gymnastics?

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a spectacular sport for people who want to share the thrill of performing balances, flips and twists with their friends. While other gymnasts might handstand on the bars or beam, acrobats find themselves balancing on their team mate's feet, hands or shoulders. With roles as tops, middles or bases, there is a place for everyone in Acrobatic Gymnastics.

Acrobatic Gymnastics (ACR):

  • Enhances balance, co-ordination and agility 

  • Develops posture and confident body movement, including the ability to land safely 

  • Challenges the mind and body to courageously reach new goals 

  • Builds strength, flexibility and power 

  • Is the perfect team based sport for people of all ages and abilities

Acrobatic Gymnastics is an expressive, dynamic and spectacular sport for men and women; combining power and poise, with grace and beauty. This dynamic and spirited sport builds confidence and camaraderie amongst participants.

Once you've found a club and learnt the basics, you can keep developing your skills for fun and fitness or challenge yourself through competitions from local to national, all the way to international level.

In Acrobatic Gymnastics there are three types of competitive routine and five group categories. All routines are choreographed to music and take place on a 12m x 12m sprung floor area.

Balance - artful demonstrations of strength, balance, flexibilty and agility

Dynamic - showing flight from throws, boosts, pitches and catches

Combination - elements from the balance and dynamic routines

Women's Pairs - one base and one top

Men's Pairs - one base and one top

Mixed Pairs - a male base and a female top

Women's Groups - a base, middle and top

Men's Fours - a base, middle one, middle two and a top.

If you'd like to take your acrobatic career further, find out more about specific Acrobatic Gymnastics judging and coaching courses.

Acrobatic Gymnastics is governed internationally by the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG).