Community Sport Infrastructure

On Wednesday Senator Bridget McKenzie launched Sport 2030 - a new national sport plan for Australia. The Australian Government has a clear and bold vision for sport in Australia, to ensure we are the world’s most active and healthy nation, known for our integrity and sporting success.

Yesterday Sport Australia followed on from Wednesday's landmark announcement by announcing the launch of a new grant program and landmark report about the significant value of Community Sport Infrastructure. 
According to the Value of Community Sport Infrastructure report released by Sport Australia today, community sport infrastructure generates more than $16.2 billion worth of social, health and economic benefits each year. The report produced in partnership with KPMG and La Trobe University, demonstrates that the impact and value of community sport infrastructure extends far beyond the cost of the facilities. 
In particular, the report shows the impact and value of community sport infrastructure provides at least:
$6.3 billion worth of economic benefits, including construction, maintenance and operation
$5.1 billion of social benefits, including community cohesion and mental wellbeing, and;
$4.9 billion worth of health benefits due to promoting physical activity.  
In addition to the report, Sport Australia announced the Australian Government’s $29.7 million Community Sport Infrastructure grants program, which has the potential to be incredibly valuable to Gymnastics Clubs across the country.
Eligible organisations can apply for grants up to $500,000 to upgrade and develop community sport infrastructure in 2018-19. Applications are open from 2 August until 14 September 2018. This new grant program will support local communities to develop facilities that encourage greater levels of participation in community sport and physical activity. Program guidelines and information regarding the Community Sport Infrastructure grant program is available at
If you or your Club have any questions or require further information about the grants program, please contact or (02) 6214 1201.