MAG Team Future Advance Training Camp

Gymnastics Australia conducted a Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) Team Future Advance Camp at Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) from July 20 to 23, 2018.

Participants included 21 gymnasts and 13 coaches from 12 programs across Australia.

The top five ranked gymnasts from both Level 7 Under 13 and Level 8 Under 14 at the 2018 Australian Gymnastics Championships were selected to attend the camp, with 11 more gymnasts also invited to attend by the Junior National Coach, John Curtin (who also coordinated the camp), selected from program visits and other events throughout the year

Coaching support at the camp was provided by Sergei Chinkar (Technical Expert & Former National Centre of Excellence (NCE) Senior Coach) & Vladimir Vatkin (NCE Head Coach) during training.  Dr Graham Turner also presented informative and thought provoking sessions to coaches on Effective Communication & Load Management in Training during the camp.

The up and coming young gymnasts - aged from 11 to 14 years - participated in an intensive camp, with six sessions in four days.  Training sessions covered Basics Skills & Sequences, Ideal Skills development, Profile Tests, and Trampoline Workshop conducted by Sergei Chinkar.  Gymnasts also participated in two recovery sessions, including a brief education session from the AIS Physiologist on the benefits of recovery sessions in the training program.  A number of information meetings were also conducted for participants, with guest speaker sessions provided by Senior International athletes, Chris Remkes and Mitchell Morgans.

Top performers in the Profile Tests were:

14 Years
  1. Matthew Roberts - High Flyers (WA) (70.0%)
=2. Lachie Davis - SA JETS (67.1%)
=2. Sandy Hardiman - VIC HPC (67.1%)

12-13 Years        
1. Logan Owen - NSW HPC (86.1%)
2. Connor Owen - NSW HPC (80.0%)
3. Zac Brotherton - NSW HPC (76.8%)

11 Years             
1. Tru Hagens - NSW HPC (92.1%)
  2. Harry Davies - Kingborough (TAS) (87.5%)   
  3. Xavier Magnanini - VIC HPC (86.4%)

The following gymnasts also set new National Records in the Profile Tests:

Sandy Hardiman - VIC HPC - Straddle Planche (Parallel Bars) - 17.5 seconds
Lucas Engesser - Sydney Hills (NSW) - Back Lever (Rings) - 55.85 seconds
Tru Hagens - NSW HPC - Splits – Press Handstand (Floor) - 101
Zac Brotherton - NSW HPC - Straddle L-Press Handstand (Parallel Bars) - 18

Congratulations to all camp participants on a productive week - we can't wait for you to get back to training at your home Clubs and work on those new skills!