Free Resources – Flexibility, Conditioning and Injury Management

Do you need to freshen up your physical preparation workouts? Do you want to improve your gymnast’s performances? Do you know what to include in your pre-hab program?

Dr Dave Tilley, from Shift Movement Science and Gymnastics Education, has developed several FREE resources for gymnastics coaches in the areas of flexibility, physical conditioning, nutrition and recovery.

Dave comes from an extensive gymnastics background, being a former athlete and currently still coaching optional level gymnastics in Boston, USA. Dave has been coaching gymnastics for 12 years, being involved in beginner, national, and elite levels. His unique background as a former athlete and current coach gives him a one-of-a-kind approach for the performance and rehabilitation of gymnasts. He has successfully treated some of the most talented high school, collegiate, and junior elite level gymnasts in the USA.

Click HERE to access the free resources.