Dual World Cup Silvers for Sampson and Pickering

The last month of gymnastics has been busy with the 2019 National Clubs Carnival on the Gold Coast, Trampoline World Cups and the Artistic World Championships. 

Among it all, two of Australia’s Trampoline athletes bounced to some great international success at the Khabarovsk World Cup and Valladolid World Cup. 

Jessica Pickering and Lauren Sampson from Eastlake Trampoline Sports have returned to Australia with two Silver medals after they dominated in the Synchronised Trampoline competitions. 

Sampson was a late inclusion into the World Cup team and was grateful to have been given the opportunity.

“Having the opportunity to compete in a World Cup final is always an amazing experience," Sampson said. 

“Particularly in Russia, we didn’t have much time to process what had actually happened and standing on that podium was very surreal. 

“We train synchro quite a bit alongside our individual, so achieving what we have over the last few weeks has been very rewarding and I’m very proud of our performances.”

For Pickering, it was important that she prepared as she normally would for competition. 

“It was super important that I maintained a consistent training workload to ensure I was at my peak for National Clubs and for both World Cups," Pickering said.

Jumping alongside Sampson and claiming two Silver medals together just made the moments that much sweeter.

“I was so excited. I love both training and jumping with Lauren and to share a podium was so special.”

Both athletes know what it means to be able to wear the green and gold and represent their country on the world stage.

“Competing for Australia has always been a humbling experience for me,” Sampson said.

“It’s an opportunity that very few people have so I do my best to enjoy, and make the most of each experience I am given.”

“I love the Australian gymnastics community and I always want to do everyone proud,” Pickering said.

“I’m always so honoured to represent the green and gold.”

With the Trampoline World Championships on the horizon, the plan is to train hard and keep balancing life and Trampoline. 

“For the remainder of 2019, I plan to train hard and refine my performances and look toward 2020 and beyond,” Sampson said.

“I will continue with my training workload while also balancing completing my HSC examinations,” Pickering said. 

Gymnastics Australia would like to congratulate both Sampson and Pickering on their Silver medals and look forward to seeing them compete again in the green and gold.